Tips to help you get the BEST possible photos on your wedding day

Getting Ready
Bring a cute hanger to hang your dress on - it will photograph much better than the plastic one from the store.  Gather all items that you want to be photographed in one area, such as your rings, dress, flowers, invitation, shoes, garter, etc. Also remove any plastic, labels, or price tags that you do not want to be in the photos. 


Control Your Guests
Some of your guests will see your wedding as their chance to snap photos for their Facebook or Instagram feed. Having a ton of cameras sticking out of the aisle really ruins the ambiance of your wedding, not to mention that a guest may cause us to miss a crucial moment by trying to get their own photo.   We strongly recommend having an 'unplugged ceremony'. Invite your guests to put aside their cameras for the duration of the ceremony and just be with you without the distraction of technology. You'll appreciate their presence and your guests will be smiling at you instead of their devices.


Processional / Recessional
Remind your family & wedding party not to look at the floor during the processional & recessional.  They can look straight ahead or at other guests but if they are looking down it will look like their eyes is closed in your photos.  Have them practice this during the rehearsal too.  Girls should be holding their bouquets at the upper part of the stem and their hands should be positioned below their belly button. Guys and girls should have a nice slow pace for the professional. Don’t rush!  

Microphone Stand
If at all possible, try to avoid having a microphone stand during the ceremony.  See if your officiant is willing to hand hold the microphone without the stand. 

Hold that KISS
If you do a 1-second peck, the chances of us catching it are slim.  3-5 seconds will allow us to capture several different images for you.  Half body, full body, wide angle showing your ceremony ambiance - trust me you'll appreciate having several different types of photos. 

We Don’t Know Your Family
Yes, I know - You gave us a list with people’s names on it and we know that you need a picture with Uncle Dan. The problem is, we don’t know your Uncle Dan. Family lists are most effective for us when grouped by their relationships - such as Brides parents, extended family, cousins, or the Lee Family.  And it makes it quick to call up groups of people. =)


Happy Feet
Bring a pair of comfortable sandals / flip flops to walk in during your photo session - especially if you are taking photos at the beach.  You can swap back to your fancy shoes before we start taking photos.


Food is Fundamental
Photographing a wedding is like running a marathon.  We are constantly moving, crouching, standing, and kneeling to find that perfect shot, all while carrying 10-15 lbs. of gear for 8-10 hours.  Providing a hot meal for your photographer(s) will allow them to refuel and capture the rest of your day to the best of their ability.  


The Toss
If you toss the bouquet or garter and nobody catches it, it is TOTALLY okay to pick it up and toss again.  It looks weird in photos & video when the throw is short and someone just picks it up. 


Enjoy your day
Your attitude on your wedding day DIRECTLY relates to your photos.  We'll do our best to capture the smiles, but it helps to “check yourself” and relax. You've spent months planning this day, and things may not go as planned.  Remember to keep an open mind and just enjoy your day.    


Invest in Professional Prints & Albums 
Our professionally printed products are archival quality, designed to last 100+ years. Photos that you print on your own at the drug store are not archival quality and will not stand the test of time for your children or grandchildren.  Of all the things you have from your wedding, your photos are the only thing that will increase in value over time. 



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