We will be documenting the quiet (and not-so-quiet) moments as you navigate this new chapter in your lives. We'll capture a variety of posed and candid photos during your session.  Photos of Mom with baby, Dad with baby, photos of everyone together. Do you have any older children or pets? We can include them too! Towards the end of your session, we'll set up a "studio" environment to get a few photos of baby all by themselves.  We'll need to borrow two pillows (or a boppy pillow) and a large blanket (or solid colored sheet). Please have these items selected in advance and set them aside before we arrive. 


We prefer rooms with lots of windows and natural light. Feel free to give us a quick tour when we arrive but we will usually settle in the nursery, living room, or master bedroom. And if they all have good lighting, then we may capture a few moments in each - depending on your session length.

We definitely don’t expect a perfectly tidy space. We know the last thing that you want on your mind is having to tidy up your home before your session (especially just after giving birth). If you need some guidance you are more than welcome to send us some images of your spaces for advice before your session. The majority of your photos will focus on your little one and your family. Our cameras will keep the subjects in focus and blur out most of the background so it won't look as obvious. 



As a general suggestion, you can't go wrong with neutral colors because they are simple and they complement any home style and decor. But the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and comfortable. So, if that means a colorful floral dress with easy breastfeeding access or a set of comfy white PJs, then let's do that.

I also recommend having a backup outfit on hand too! Usually a black tank top or nursing bra so we can do some more intimate, skin to skin moments if you are so inclined. There's nothing more natural and beautiful than skin to skin moments but of course, it’s always up to mom and what she is comfortable with.

For Dad & siblings, try to compliment the outfit Mom will be wearing (whether it is something formal or casual). Please stay away from anything with large graphics, logos or busy patterns. 

For baby, I like to start with a plain solid onesie or just in a diaper. Diaper covers can work well if the original pattern is not quite your style. Feel free to set aside your favorite outfit to change baby into at the end. We will also use a favorite swaddle or blanket for solo photos so if you have a favorite be sure to have that on hand too.



Feeding baby right before we arrive helps to calm and soothe them for their photos. If possible, get yourself and baby dressed first and then feed them so he/she can hopefully be asleep when we arrive. Of course, things do not always go as planned so don't worry if baby isn't hungry or if you need to change in a hurry afterward. Also, feel free to feed baby throughout the session or keep a bottle on hand if needed.



The beautiful part about in-home sessions is that you can truly be yourself while also capturing the beauty of this season in an authentic way. These sessions are laidback and flexible so that we can capture all the beauty that parenthood is. 

If you are worried about bigger siblings running free or being hard to handle, just know we love that part of newborn photography. We'll do our best to wrangle them into the photos but I love capturing the excitement of bringing a new baby home and the big siblings being wild. No need for apologies - this season and these photos are for you. So you can bottle up this very precious time with joy and storytelling.