Kulu'ou'ou Beach Park is located in East Oahu, around 25 mins (8 miles) from Waikiki, and is best known for its ultra-low tides.  It offers both a beach and park environment for a variety of backgrounds.  What makes this location so special is the ultra-low water levels.  At high tide, the water level is only about 6-8 inches deep and during low tide, the ocean floor stretches far out into the bay.

Sometimes there is a sandbar in the middle of the bay which makes for a great photo opportunity. My favorite time to shoot here is when the water level is just 1-2 inches high which shows a really nice reflection on the surface of the water.  The time of day will depend on the water levels, so let us know the date(s) that you are available and we can check the tide chart. This is a great location for a fun family or couple's session who may want to get their feet wet. You CAN also see the sunset from this location however it is not as scenic as nearby Portlock Beach.


Parking: Moderate
Restrooms: Yes
Sunset: Yes