*This location is not recommended for younger / active children since it has uneven surfaces near the edge of a cliff.
It is typically windy so be prepared with clips or hair ties for those with long hair.

Makapu'u Lookout is located in East Oahu, around 35 minutes (14 miles) from Waikiki and is best known for its scenic views of mountain and ocean backgrounds.  The lookout is located right off of the main road and offers 2 types of environments in the same location.  You'll get a stunning view that overlooks Makapu'u Beach Park, the sea cliffs, as well as Rabbit Island (also known as Manana Island).  Just a few yards away in the opposite direction is a grassy valley which is a nice contrast from the cliffs.

You'll get the best colors of the scenic view and ocean in the mornings but my recommended time to shoot here is in the early evenings (around 5pm), when the valley is shaded by the adjacent mountain. The lighting is very soft and the shade provides a very comfortable environment to be photographed in. 

Parking: Limited
Restrooms: No
Sunset: No