Sandy Beach EAST with mostly black lava rock


Sandy Beach is located in East Oahu, around 35 minutes (12 miles) from Waikiki.  This popular surf spot is best known for its powerful waves and black lava rocks.  There are very few locations on Oahu with Black Lava rocks and this is definitely one of my favorite locations that have this. I love how the black lava rocks and the deep blue water contrast with the colors of clothing - whether it is a white wedding dress or a colorful aloha print shirt. 

You'll want to schedule a morning session for brighter vivid colors in the ocean.  However, my favorite time to shoot here is in the early evenings (around 5 pm), when the beach is shadowed by Koko Head Crater. The temperature is cooler and the lighting is very soft with a slightly washed out background. 


Parking: Easy
Restrooms: Yes
Sunset: No