Fine Art Retouching

All of your photos are created with great care and attention to detail and then edited in the same way. Each image is hand-edited for color, contrast, and clarity, with minor copping & straightening to look its best (as it was taken). 

For those who are interested in printed artwork, our Fine Art wall displays include complimentary retouching. Retouching goes a step beyond editing and can include things like blemish removal, skin softening, teeth whitening, slimming, minor facial adjustments, and background enhancements.  Our most popular options are framed, canvas, and metal artwork.



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If you just need retouching done without any prints, albums, or wall art, the following rates apply:

1- 3 images | $150 each
4-6 images | $125 each
7-10 images | $100 each
11+ images | $80 each

Here are some samples of our Fine Art retouching:



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210809f_nguyen0035210809f_nguyen0035Unknwon 210809f_nguyen0035-1210809f_nguyen0035-1Unknwon


210928c_es0062 sunset3210928c_es0062 sunset3


211208m_ag0017 retouched2211208m_ag0017 retouched2


211216c_yt_eopt0031211216c_yt_eopt0031 211216c_yt_eopt0031_rt211216c_yt_eopt0031_rt